Finnish melodic heavy rock band Frail released touching video to their new single “Come Back to Me”

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Melodic rock/metal band Frail from Finland is releasing their new album this spring. Their previous singles “Kiss Goodbye”, “Save a Life Tonight” and “Children of Depravity” have gathered loads of positive attention around the world. The songs have been played by radio stations and playlisted into various Spotify playlists. This fourth single “Come back to me” is the final preview to the upcoming album.

Fragile and melancholic “Come Back to Me” is based on strong vocal melodies and metallic heavy guitar riffs. Musically you may hear echoes from early 2000’s post grunge sounds as well as a hint of the melancholic sound familiar to Finnish love metal giant HIM.

Vocalist Tarmo Kellomäki backgrounds the song: “Come Back to Me’s lyrics can be understood in many different ways. It may be a story of a lost love or some great loss. For me personally, it’s an internal voice telling me about a lost direction of life or about a source of life that is about to dry out. When you get older, it’s easy to get stuck on regretting the choices you have made in life. Have I achieved thethings that I wanted? Have I permanently lost something that I should have been holding on to?”

Touching and controversial music video

The music video has been written and directed by film maker Toni Rutanen. Many people are playing their roles even if the reality behind the role is a totally worn out human being. The video also generated a discussion inside the band about what are the themes that the band wants to stand for. The director and the band eventually agreed to lift up the struggle that is familiar to many ordinary people while living their ordinary life.

Director Toni Rutanen comments on the video “I wanted to lift up the hard side of modern human life. When you think that you’ve achieved the things that you wanted to. But there is a price for that. People get exhausted and relationships break down. And it’s not easy to talk about it even with your best friends. People should learn how to talk (and to listen) also about difficult issues. This is something that we all could learn more.”

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Frail is:
Tarmo Kellomäki – Vocals
Joel Hekkala – Guitar
Otto Kulhomäki – Bass
Jussi Järvi – Drums
Giovanni Gagliano

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