NEW SONG! Metallica: 72 Seasons. Official Music Video + My opinion

Metallica - "72 Seasons"

Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal

Overall I like the production. It sounds very clear and modern but heavy, at the same time.

Vocal performance: 
James Hetfield definitely knows how to sing but uses a little bit of "help", here. Less evident than other tracks, though. I can't listen to the previous single "If Darkness had a son", for example.

My opinion: 
"72 Seasons" is the 4th single off the album with the same title (which will be released on the 14th of April) and so far it's my second favourite, after the first single "Lux Aeterna". Maybe a little too long (nothing new, unfortunately), but I really like the chorus and I find the song overall inspired, with good pure Thrash riffs and good solos by Kirk Hammett.
Giovanni Gagliano

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