Song of the day: Egons Cry - Phoenix

The four-piece Austrian rock band EGONS CRY was formed in 2022, and in March 2023, they released their debut EP, PHOENIX. For their debut, EGONS CRY embraced their many musical influences, including rock, pop, and metal, and allowed them to come through, giving their audience a varied listening experience. With PHOENIX, EGONS CRY, who have been influenced by acts like Alter Bridge, Audioslave, as well as grunge legends Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, are prepared to amplify their own artistic voice and share their musical message. 

This is the title track from their new EP. The song has a relaxed start, with a fantastic arpeggio and clean and melodic vocals. The song explodes after a minute and the sound/mood reminds me of some solo material by Mark Tremonti (Alter bridge). The song is quality in terms of production, arrangement and performance, and also very catchy, despite being robust, and very enjoyable from start to finish. 

PHOENIX is a great song, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow EGONS CRY on social media as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

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