Song of the day: Hoverfly - Diamond Hands

Hoverfly, a Denver-based alternative four-piece, creates a sound reminiscent of Muse, Audioslave, and the Killers by fusing soulful vocals, swaggering guitar, and a driving rhythm section. Chris Golias (guitar) and Tony Strayer (drums), cousins who started Hoverfly during the pandemic of 2020, found their unique sound when Carl Mease (bass) and Andy Rimer (vocals) joined the band. The end result was a special fusion of unfiltered emotion, surrealistic lyrical themes, relentless musicality, and high-intensity performance.

This is their new single, called Diamond Hands, which starts with fantastic drumming. The vocals are very melodic but energetic at the same time (the chorus is super catchy), the guitars are very inspired, the rhythm section is solid and creative (check out the break at 2.25) and the song has a great sound and arrangement. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Hoverfly on social media as well.


Giovanni Gagliano

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