Song of the day: Scot Sier - Newspaper Man

It all depends on where you look to find the truth, which is somewhere out there. Look no further than "Space And Other Things," the upcoming album by the gifted and spiritual Scot Sier, for the answers to some important questions about the world in which we currently live. His second full-length, eight-song LP, "Space and Other Things," has as its overarching themes freedom of speech, issues with human rights, and equality for all.

The guitarist, and singer-songwriter gives us the meaning behind his new album by saying, “The goal of the new album is to showcase songs that serve a higher purpose fueled by my concerns over free speech, human rights abuse, rising inequality, and climate change.” Sier further explains, “I wrote and produced each song to deliver universal messages that I hope will bring people together to create a more enlightened world through meaningful change.”

This is his new single, called Newspaper Man. The song is super interesting, amazingly arranged and performed and with a very good production too. The song reminds of the atmosphere of Pink Floyd meeting Blackfield (a project by Steven Wilson). Definitely something different, with interesting and catchy vocals/lyrics and I'm sure if you give it a try you will be carried away by this one. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Scot Sier on social media as well.


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