Song of the day: Silverstein - Poison Pill

Their tenth studio album, "Misery Made Me," is a portrayal of the world's and Silverstein's combined pain, annoyance, and uneasiness. The fact that a band, who could have easily rested on the great history they've already established, instead dug deep and found the motivation to touch people in significant new ways, is both interesting and motivating. The "Misery Made Me" campaign is based on Silverstein's appreciation for their history, contemplation of their first supporters, and steadfast drive to find innovative and daring methods to engage with new ones.

This is their new single, called Poison Pill. By clicking play on the player below, you can immediately notice the quality of the production and performance. I totally love the chorus, absolutely catchy and with a super heavy guitar riff. This a great song, pure quality from every point of view: songwriting, production, arrangement, and performance. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below (great video as well) and don't forget to follow Silverstein on social media as well.  

Giovanni Gagliano

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