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Fantasy symphonic power metal band France's Avaland is celebrating the release of their sophomore full-length "The Legend of the Storyteller" out now as of March 31st, 2023 via Rockshots Records with their new music video "To Be The King" featuring guest vocals from Pierre Carabalona (Eltharia) and guitar from Jens Ludwig (Edguy).

Compared to Avaland's debut album, the band's next full-length “The Legend Of The Storyteller” is heavier and is a much more epic power metal record full of anthems upon anthems for fans to chant to as they are taken on a journey over twelve theatric tracks. The record also hears double vocal duties from Adrien G. Gzagg and Jeff Kanji along with album guests that include Zak Stevens (ex-Savatage/TSO), Madie (ex-Nightmare/Faith In Agony), Pierre “Cara” Carabalona (Eltharia), Ivan Castelli (Lionsoul), Angèle Macabiès, Jens Ludwig (Edguy) and Bruno Ramos (Sortilège/ex-Manigance).

This is their new single, called To Be The King, ft. Pierre Carabalona (Eltharia) and Jens Ludwig (Edguy). The band comments: "We feel this is another great anthem track on the album and had the most sound in the roots of “Edguy traditions”, and it’s why we had to ask Jens Ludwig to make a solo on it. It’s such an honour to him a part of it as the band has been one of our influences in heavy metal. He did a great job!"

The song has a great production and arrangement and a stunning vocal performance by the different singers. Cherry on top is the fantastic guitar solo by Jens Ludwig. If you like the genre, you will love this one. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Avaland on social media as well.


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