Behind the songs: Stiltskin - Inside

Stiltskin is a Scottish rock band that rose to fame in the mid-1990s with their hit single "Inside". The song, which was featured in a Levi's jeans commercial, became an instant classic and catapulted the band to international stardom. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the song and the band behind it.

"Inside" is a powerful rock anthem that showcases Stiltskin's unique sound and style. The song begins with a haunting guitar riff that builds in intensity before exploding into a driving beat and soaring vocals. The lyrics are introspective and emotional, reflecting on the human experience of feeling lost and alone in the world. The chorus, with its repeated refrain of "I'm inside, I'm all around," is both catchy and deeply resonant.

The song's popularity was due in large part to its use in a Levi's commercial, which featured a young man stripping down to his underwear in a laundromat while "Inside" played in the background. The commercial was a huge success, and the song quickly climbed the charts in the UK and across Europe. Stiltskin's debut album, also titled "The Mind's Eye," was released shortly thereafter and was a critical and commercial success.

Stiltskin was formed in 1994 by former Genesis guitarist Ray Wilson, along with drummer Chris Cavanagh and bassist James Finnigan. The band's sound was heavily influenced by the alternative rock movement of the time, but they also incorporated elements of progressive rock, metal, and folk music into their music. This eclectic mix of genres gave Stiltskin a unique sound that set them apart from their peers.

Despite their early success, Stiltskin struggled to maintain their momentum in the years that followed. The band's lineup changed frequently, and they were never able to replicate the success of "Inside" with their subsequent releases. Ray Wilson left the band in 1997 to pursue a solo career, and Stiltskin disbanded shortly thereafter.

Despite their relatively short career, Stiltskin left an indelible mark on the rock music landscape of the 1990s. "Inside" remains a classic of the era, and the band's unique sound and style continue to influence musicians to this day. For fans of alternative and progressive rock, Stiltskin is a band that is definitely worth checking out. Their music is a testament to the power of rock and the enduring legacy of great bands and great songs.
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