New song: Extreme - "Banshee" - My opinion.

Hard Rock 

I hate the sound of this song. Simple as that. It sounds like a cheap production to my ears (the drums, mostly). At least the Spotify version, I've listened to. The song also lacks power.

Vocal performance:
Luckily there is less autotune (and various filters/effects) on this one, compared to the previous single "Rise" (No, thank you). Gary Cherone is a great singer and he doesn't need any help.

My opinion:
Overall I think it's a good song, better than the first single (another one "#Rebel" was released yesterday as well, for your interest). With a more classic (and quality) Hard rock production this would have been a very good single, but it sounds awful to my ears. I listened to it this morning straight after the new Foo Fighters' and it sounded like a song without mastering. Rating 59/100
Giovanni Gagliano

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