New song: Foo Fighters - "Rescued" and new album announced


Alternative rock

It's got the classic Foo Fighters sound, close to "Sonic Highways", to my ears, but a little more modern like Medicine at Midnight. The drumming style/power is definitely Dave's but the sound is a little different than usual. 

Vocal performance:
The usual punchy, vital and energetic Dave Grohl, melodic during the verses. Great.

My opinion:
Not only in terms of sound, the song brings me back to "Sonic Highways" but also something here and there in the Foo Fighter's discography. Not very original overall but I love the energy, the sound and the lyrics too, short but intense. The mood is sort of happy and sad at the same time. Good song and a perfect single, waiting for the new album. Rating 70/100

The new album "But Here We Are" is out on 02/06/23

01. Rescued
02. Under You
03. Hearing Voices
04. But Here We Are
05. The Glass
06. Nothing At All
07. Show Me How
08. Beyond Me
09. The Teacher
10. Rest

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