Song of the day: INTRA - Last Born


INTRA is Deep, dirty superfuzz, bone-dry rock punch, intricate yet catchy songwriting, and a sweet pinch of pop. The band was made in Austria in 2015 and it comprised Bianca Ortner - Vocals & Bass Hannes, Pröstler on Guitar & Backing Vocals and Lukas Aichinger on Drums

This is their new single, called Last Born. The song starts straight away with energetic drumming and catchy and robust riffs. I really like the vocals by Bianca, very melodic but energetic at the same time (I love the chorus!) and the spot-on production is the cherry on top of a quality song from every point of view. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow INTRA on social media as well.


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