Song of the day: ScreaMachine - Church of the Scream

The ultimate heavy metal driving force, SCREAMACHINE, is an Italian band from Rome. This quintet is armed and dangerous and ready to take the world by storm with their loud sound inspired by titans like Judas Priest, early Metallica, early Iced Earth, Savatage and Accept.
Even though the members of ScreaMachine adore the iconic 80s metal sound, they are not stuck in the past because their goal is to deliver a traditional and aggressive heavy metal sound infused with contemporary production and songwriting.

Since the majority of the musicians involved are part of reputable Italian bands like Stormlord, Kaledon, and Lunar Sea, which have been active since the 1990s and have extensive discographies and performed at countless shows, they are no strangers to the metal scene.

This is their new single, called Church of the Scream. The song has killer riffs, screaming guitars and a furious rhythm section pace. The vocals are robust but catchy at the same time (pre-chorus and chorus!). The song is amazingly performed and, if you like the genre, you will like it for sure. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below (very cool video, also!) and don't forget to follow SCREAMACHINE on social media as well.


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