Suzanne's Band - Back to Brown


A blend of Americana, Country, and Blues Singer-songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker plays under the banner of Suzanne's Band. Highlights of Suzanne's career include her recent Grammy nomination and her quick rise to fame as a well-known YouTube performer. The music played during Suzanne's live performances spans the previous seven decades and is typically a combination of vintage rock, pop, and country. The set list included songs that Suzanne wrote herself as well. Together with introspective ideas and the significance of self-worth weaved throughout the lyrics, Suzanne's non-genre specific approach to songwriting offers a completely distinct foundation on which to develop. .

This is her new single, called Back to Brown. The song is actually a blend of country and blues, amazingly performed and with a very catchy hook. The song is overall very enjoyable and it's got a great arrangement too. Check out also the very inspired solos (piano first, then guitar) and give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Mia Suzanne Walker on social media as well.


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