Track by Track: Green Day - American Idiot (2004)

What about American Idiot by Green Day? One of the best albums of the 00s, in my opinion, and probably the best by the American band. Here is my personal track by track.

1) American Idiot 
The title track of the album sets the tone for the rest of the record. It's an energetic punk rock anthem that criticizes the state of the United States and its citizens. The guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and catchy chorus make it an instant classic. What a great sound. 85/100

2) Jesus of Suburbia 
"Jesus of Suburbia" is actually a series of different songs flowing together. The song tells the story of a young man named Jesus who is searching for meaning in life. It's probably my favourite of the entire Green Day discography. Their masterpiece, in my opinion, showing all their skills in terms of creativity, songwriting and taste. 100/100

3) Holiday 
"Holiday" criticizes the Bush administration and the Iraq War, even if it sounds very easy in its mood. The song has a catchy chorus, the usual great drumming, sound and it will make you tap your foot. 78/100

4) Boulevard of Broken Dreams
One of the most popular songs from the album, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is a very simple, melancholic powerful ballad. A very successful one, still very popular after so many years. I love the sound of the chorus on this one. 78/100

5) Are We the Waiting 
This is a short but impactful song, a sort of intro for the next track, "St. Jimmy.", with the usual great sound and the usual stunning drumming by Tré Cool. 75/100

6) St. Jimmy
I love when the band accelerates! The "1,2,3,4" brings back the old punk tradition (who said Ramones?) The song's energetic guitar riffs and pounding drums make it a standout track on the album, one of the best, in my opinion. 88/100

7) Give Me Novacaine 
Change of mood for a more introspective track that explores themes of addiction. I literally adore the sound of the electric guitars on this one, for the super aggressive chorus, in contrast with the relaxed verses. 80/100

8) She's a Rebel 
"She's a Rebel" is the "usual" punk song by Green Day with a very catchy chorus, very well written and with the energy we love from the band. 78/100

9) Extraordinary Girl 
This is a strange sort of dreamy ballad with a sort of oriental mood during the verses and the usual super catchy chorus. The band is so inspired that even potentially "very simple" songs always have some details that make the difference. 77/100

10) Letterbomb 
Same, more or less, as She's a rebel. The song that you expect from Green Day, with very good vocals from Billy Joe. Pure punk, but maybe a bit too long. 76/100

11) Wake Me Up When September Ends
Probably the most successful and memorable of the album, it's a ballad that explores themes of grief and loss. The simple but effective drum patterns by Tre Cool are pure taste and class. I love this guy. Also, Billie Joe brought his vocal skills to another level, with this song (and with this album). 90/100

12) Homecoming
Like "Jesus of Suburbia," "Homecoming" is a suite of five different songs (they have the same length). The song features everything from punk rock anthems to acoustic ballads. Very well written and performed but the second track of this album is at another level, in my opinion. 75/100

13) Whatsername 
I've always thought that musically the previous track was perfect for closing the album very gloriously (check out the very last part). I've never understood this one, honestly, but probably it's me. I find it not very inspired and slightly different from the mood of the rest of the album. 60/100

Overall rating 85/100
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