Track by Track: Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)

35 years for this jewel. This is my opinion about Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, the seventh album by the best British Heavy Metal band of all time (my opinion, of course.) 

1) Moonchild 
An acoustic intro for one of the best openers in the history of the band (maybe the best one after Aces High?). The very inspired duo Adrian Smith/Bruce Dickinson wrote the song. The vocals are simply amazing, the pace is pure heavy metal the solos amazing. What do you want more in an opener? 98/100

2) Infinite Dreams
The second track on the album is a slower, more introspective song with a melodic guitar riff and emotional lyrics. Lots of different atmospheres, tempo changes and Maiden at their best (the solos!!!). With all the ideas in this song, only Steve Harris would write at least 5 songs (10 minutes each) today. It's only 6 minutes, instead. 98/100

3) Can I Play with Madness 
This was a single, a little different from the usual, more commercial and for everyone (and maybe a little overproduced for Maiden's standards, in the chorus, hence I prefer the live version). The second verse's lyrics are one of my favourites by the band. "I screamed aloud to the old man, said don't lie, don't say you don't know, I say you'll pay for this mischief, Oh in this world or the next, then he fixed me with a freezing glance, And the hell fires raged in his eyes...". 82/100

4) The Evil That Men Do 
There was a time when Maiden used to write short but equally amazing end epic songs. It's the case of The evil that men do. Pre-chorus and chorus are super catchy, bass in evidence and great guitars (the solo!). The band still plays it live a lot. 85/100

5) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 
The album's title track, "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" is a progressive heavy metal masterpiece written by the mastermind Steve Harris, almost 10 minutes long (at that time this was a long one). If you want to hear Adrian Smith and Dave Murray at their best (even Nicko McBrain, to be honest), this is the right song in their catalogue you have to listen to, the second part of the song is an absolute masterpiece. 90/100

6) The Prophecy
After 5 amazing songs, it's time for a "meh" song. The prophecy has always been my skip track of this one, way less inspired than the rest, in my opinion. Great bass and guitar parts but overall it sounds like a B-side to me. 58/100   

7) The Clairvoyant 
Steve Harris opens this one with his inspired bass. This is another great song with great drumming, amazing vocals and very interesting guitar lines, a little different than usual (and yes, synths as well, the album is famous for their presence). Even this one is around 4 minutes. Simple, effective and straight to the point. 83/100

8) Only the Good Die Young 
Usually, the closing track of an Iron Maiden album is the strongest one of that album (or it's as epic as it gets): Hallowed be thy name, To Tame a Land, Iron Maiden, Rime of the ancient mariner, Fear of the Dark, Alexander the great... Only The Good Die Young is only a good song, nothing more, with the signature bass (amazing part at 1.58) by Steve Harris and good vocals by Bruce. Nothing epic and they never played it live. 73/100

Overall rating 88/100

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