Track by Track: Metallica - "72 Seasons"

Here we are to talk about the new Metallica album, 72 SEASONS

If I liked it? In short: not really. The album length is 77 minutes. Personally, I would have cut at least 20-25 minutes from it, but I can extend this comment to the band's discography after the Black Album (maybe excluding Load). But let's go a little in depth and let's talk about the single songs. Feel free to let me know your opinion in the comment section below or through social media.

01. 72 Seasons (7:39)
We have already heard the opener/title track as a 4th single. I'm happy about this one, it works as an opener and it's one of my favourite of the entire album, with a very good chorus and a good solo by Kirk Hammett. A little too long, but overall I find it inspired. 75/100

02. Shadows Follow (6:12)
Almost military drums by Lars, who had a good performance on this one and on the album, in general, with all his pros/cons. The riffs, the vocals and the guitar solo by Kirk are good but definitely nothing different from what we expected. There is nothing wrong with the song but honestly I don't feel the need to listen to it again. 67/100

03. Screaming Suicide (5:30)
The second single of the album, overall not bad and with some NWOBHM echoes. Relatively short and straightforward compared to others (still a little stretched for my taste, in the second part), and features very good vocals (even if a bit overproduced for my taste) from James and the usual solo by Kirk, maybe a bit too simple, considering the level/fame of the band. 72/100

04. Sleepwalk My Life Away (6:56)
Good bass intro by Robert Trujillo and also good drumming at the beginning of the song (I won't say anything bad about Lars in this review - Spoiler). 
The main riff is ok (a sort of “Enter Sandman” but without that attitude) and I like the vocals during the verses but honestly I'm not a fan of the pre-chorus and chorus. Overall it sounds to me like some non-very-inspired song from Reload. A 7-minute filler, basically. 50/100

05. You Must Burn! (7:03)
Same as above, more or less. Backing vocals (for the first time) by Trujillo but and very good riffs in the middle of the song (I can hear Ozzy/Sabbath) and the "usual" solo by Kirk (is it AI?). I like only the instrumental part in the middle (great bass!) but 7 minutes for this one, no thank you. 59/100

06. Lux Æterna (3:22)
First single off the album and probably my favourite one. This Lux Æterna is what I want to hear from Metallica: an adrenaline song, pure heavy metal (that brings to the Kill'em All era, with the usual Diamond Head and Motörhead influences) and finally something straight to the point with its 3 minutes and 22 seconds. Yes, Metallica, it's possible to write a good and short song, not need to reach 6 minutes, especially when you have nothing interesting to say. 80/100

07. Crown of Barbed Wire (5:49)
Here we are, another 6 minute song we could have avoided. Good start, with the duo Lars/Robert but to me this is another filler as well as tracks 4 and 5, despite some good riffs and some good ideas here and there (good finale). Again, sounds to me like something from Reload (I hate that album, I guess you've got that). Solos by Kirk/AI. Chat CPT, is it you? 50/100

08. Chasing Light (6:45)
“There’s no light” James screams at the beginning of the song. Is it talking about this album? Ok, another 7-minute song: the verses are nothing new (who said boring?) but I really like the riffs and the chorus. Overall I think would have liked this one in a short version because the chorus works and the riffs are great. Why do you have to put the solo, if it sounds exactly the same as all the others, for instance? 60/100

09. If Darkness Had a Son (6:36)
Good drumming at the beginning (seriously the intro needs to last 1.20? It's the same riff over and over) but James sings with heavy autotune. Sorry, I can't listen to vocals like that. This is Metallica, not Justin Bieber. Also a "meh" chorus and non-very inspired musical parts. No, thank you. 40/100

10. Too Far Gone? (4:34)
Finally a "short" song. Good riff and good pace/mood, with energetic and (this time) good vocals by James (still overproduced for my taste, though). I also really like the fast heavy riffing during the chorus. It reminds me of Hardwired, with also echoes of Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden in the riffs in the second part of the song. Very cool song, surely one of the best of this album. 75/100

11. Room of Mirrors (5:34)
I like the very beginning of the song, leading to a tasty riff and a fast-paced verse. Good and catchy vocals by James, and even (a part of) Kirk's solo sounds a little different. Another good track, becoming special in the second part of the song. (from. 3.40), one of the most inspired moments of the album, in my opinion. 73/100

12. Inamorata (11:10)
What kind of title is that? Sounds in between Italian and Spanish but it's neither. A little less energetic James sings (my friend of) "Misery". Maybe he forgot he already sang this one? 
In my opinion, the interesting part of "Inamorata" is in the middle, from the solo (well, maybe after) even if James sounds like a pop singer. The "double guitar" part is very cool (Master of Puppets style), something different than usual for the band and definitely different from the rest of the album. It's definitely too long (come on guys, more than 11 minutes for this one...) but it's got interesting stuff and it's different from the rest. 68/100 

Overall rating 55/100
I'll be honest, I don't think I will listen to this album again. I will probably listen to single songs (the ones that I liked) but 77 minutes are definitely too much for this "72 Seasons". 
It's the same story for every single album after the Black Album. Even in this one, there is some good material for a 45/50 minutes album, in my opinion, and some songs/parts don't add anything valuable.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below or through social media.
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