Green Ashes - Forevermore

Green Ashes played their first show under a tree outside an art studio 10 years ago, staring west along Cannery Row towards a smokestack-filled sunset. Looking back a decade at our humble beginnings, we couldn't think of a better album name than Cannery Row, or a finer imagery than this painting by the studio owner himself, John Thomas Cantu. This CD comprises our first three original pieces, which were inspired by all of the pubs we've performed, the love we've gained and lost, and the joy of playing music with such a great bunch of friends.

This is their new single, called Forevermore. I love the pace, the mood and the arrangement of the song, in between Rock and Country. I also love the violin and the drums and the vocals are super catchy as well. Overall the band performs amazingly and this is a great song if you like both genres. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Green Ashes as well.
Giovanni Gagliano

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