Song of the day: Friendship Commanders - Fail

Nashville, Tennessee-based Friendship Commanders are a heavy duo. Buick Audra on vocals and guitar, and Jerry Roe on drums and bass, make up the group. Their most recent song, "And If My Body," questions the mindsets that resulted in the US Supreme Court decision that invalidated Roe v. Wade. The first song from their new EP, "RELEASE THE REST," a limited vinyl collection all the tracks they have released since their 2020 EP, Hold On To Yourself, is the single. The group has two albums out. Steve Albini recorded Bill (2018) at Electrical Audio, and the band engineered and produced Dave (2016). Kurt Ballou co-produced, engineered, and mixed their third album, which will be released in 2023. It was recorded in GodCity, his Salem, Massachusetts studio.

This is their new single, called Fail. I love the sound, the general atmosphere of the track, and the production. The vocals are very well performed too and absolutely catchy during the chorus and the rhythm section is solid and powerful. This is a very good song, give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below (great video as well) and don't forget to follow Friendship Commanders on social media.

Giovanni Gagliano

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