Ozzy Osbourne's Miracle Man: A Scathing Satire of Televangelism

Ozzy Osbourne is known for his heavy metal music, his controversial antics and his dark imagery. But he is also a master of social commentary, as evidenced by his song Miracle Man from his 1988 album No Rest for the Wicked.

Miracle Man is a scathing satire of televangelism, a phenomenon that emerged in the 1980s in the United States, where charismatic preachers used television to spread their message and solicit donations from millions of viewers. One of the most prominent and influential televangelists of that era was Jimmy Swaggart, a cousin of rock and roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis.

Swaggart was a vocal critic of rock music, especially of Ozzy Osbourne, whom he accused of being a Satanist and a corruptor of youth. He even claimed that Osbourne's fans were committing suicide after listening to his songs. Osbourne denied these allegations and challenged Swaggart to prove them.

In 1988, Swaggart's reputation was tarnished when he was caught with a prostitute by a rival preacher who hired a private investigator to expose him. He confessed his sin on national television and asked for forgiveness, but he was defrocked by his denomination and lost many of his followers.

Osbourne seized this opportunity to mock Swaggart in his song Miracle Man, which he co-wrote with guitarist Zakk Wylde and bassist Bob Daisley. The song features blistering riffs, pounding drums and Osbourne's trademark vocals. The lyrics are full of sarcasm and irony, as they depict Swaggart as a hypocritical and greedy con man who exploits his audience's faith and fears.

The chorus goes:

> Miracle man got busted
> Miracle man got busted
> Miracle man got busted today

The song ends with mocking laughter from Osbourne as if to say "I told you so".

The music video for Miracle Man reinforces the message of the song. It shows Osbourne dressed as a televangelist, preaching in a cathedral surrounded by pigs. He also performs the song with his band on a stage decorated with crosses and candles. The video features clips of Swaggart's confession and other televangelists such as Jim Bakker and Oral Roberts.

Miracle Man is one of Ozzy Osbourne's most popular and memorable songs. It showcases his talent for writing catchy and powerful tunes that also convey a social or political message. It also demonstrates his sense of humor and his ability to turn the tables on his critics.

Miracle Man is not only a great song, but also a great example of how art can challenge authority and expose hypocrisy.
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