Song of the day: MILO - A Tacky Raconteur

Drew McGuire (vocals, lead guitar) and Kelsey McGuire (vocals) are the husband and wife duo behind MILO, an Indianapolis-based five-piece rock band. Drew's Foo Fighters-inspired modern rock is combined with Kelsey's singer/songwriter influence a la Sara Bareilles to produce a pop-rock sound reminiscent of early Paramore. 

This is their new single, called A Tacky Raconteur. I find the song overall very interesting, with an amazing performance and with a great production/arrangement as well. I love how dynamic the song is (the drumming is spot on), all the riffs, and how the vocals are technical and catchy at the same time. This is a great song, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow MILO on social media as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

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