Song of the day: Whydah - Judas

Whydah's music embodies the spirit of sheer strength and ferocity, with bone-crushing guitars, thundering drums, and guttural screams that resound through your very core. Their style is a mix of aggression and melody, producing a distinct auditory experience, drawing inspiration from a wide range of inspirations such as Megadeth, Ghost, and Metallica. Immerse yourself in the band's enthralling universe, and prepare to see their progress as they continue to vanquish their opponents via world dominance.

This is their new single, called Judas. I love the riffing and the general Megadeth influence. The vocals are punchy but very melodic, especially during the chorus. The song is overall amazingly performed (check out the solo section in the second half of the song!) and it's a perfect combination between aggressiveness and melody. Great ending too! This is a very cool song, Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Whydah on social media as well.


Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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