Original Stock - Creation of Ideals/I'm still running

Armin Kesedzic launched Original Stock in 2013, with a clear aim. He desired to build the most powerful band imaginable. Nonetheless, he desired to include emotional words and great melodies. To make that idea a reality, he collaborated with Uruguayan guitar prodigy Miguel Cabrera, thundering bassist Magnus Sundqvist, and indie-rock drummer Peter Söderlund to produce a unique blend of 1970s rock, 1990s grunge, and modern heavy metal.

Original Stock's sound is reminiscent of Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age, and Pearl Jam. More significantly, the group is all about working together. The back-and-forth between the band's musicians is crucial to their sound. 

This one below is "Creation of ideals". I love the pace, the vibes and the mood with contagious guitar riffs, melodic but punchy vocals, a dynamic and creative rhythm section and a great guitar solo in the second half of the song. Give it a go, by clicking on the player below.

This is one below it's another and different track, called "I'm still running", with a soft verse exploding in a vibrant and catchy chorus (great vocals). The song has a magnificent atmosphere (it brings me to the 90s!) and it's amazingly arranged and performed by the band. I also love the finale, very intense and with great guitars. 

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Original Stock on social media as well.

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