Sap - Lard Baby (2023)

New Austin, Texas band Sap has three members. Many people, including them, enjoy the loud sound of rock music, and they want to lead the movement that is currently taking place in our generation. They heavily draw inspiration from bands from the 1990s like Silverchair, Alice In Chains, and Nirvana.

Their brand new album, "Lard Baby," was recorded at 3 different studios with 3 different audio engineers from October 2022-May 2023. The album opens with "Kiss My Kitty Cat" and a pure grunge attitude (it's like going back to the 90s straight away!), a raw sound and a very energetic performance. Amazing start for the album. I love the riff of the second track "Trashman", then "You like that" (another great chorus), and "Pigsty", one of my favourites of the album, thanks to an amazing rhythm section, and the final "Pickle song" is pure fun (great drumming, again).

"Hairy Jerry" (great title) and "Big fat macho man" and especially "Mr. John" (7 minutes long!) slow down and bit and they are a little more experimental, while "Bulimia" is a pure grunge ballad. Throughout the record, the vocals are punchy but with a taste for the melody, and always inspired. I really like them. 

The album is amazingly written and performed by the band and it's got the perfect sound for the genre. If you want to jump back to the 90s (I do for sure, I really miss that era), give this "Lard Baby" a go, you will like it for sure! Also, follow Sap on social media as well.


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