Song of the day: AURORA BY NOON - A Thousand Words, A Thousand Thorns

The innovative rock music act AURORA BY NOON is sweeping the music landscape by storm. This band, led by Austrian bassist and producer Markus Sumereder, puts together a great ensemble of international players to create a timeless and modern sound. Their music is distinguished by its ability to merge Markus Sumereder's melodic basslines with forceful and driving beats. The result is a sophisticated and hard-hitting sound, laying the groundwork for the band's other instruments to flourish.

This is their new single, the artist said. "A Thousand Words, A Thousand Thorns is a hard and heavy rock anthem that explores the aftermath of a broken relationship. With melodic vocals and intense screams in the bridge, it conveys the pain caused by deceit and manipulation. The lyrics emphasize the toxic nature of the relationship, urging listeners to move on from harmful connections. Ultimately, the song delivers a powerful message: relationships built on lies and deceit bring only hurt, and it's better to seek something positive."

I love the pace and the mood of the song with amazing bass lines, inspired drumming and energetic but melodic vocals. The song is also amazingly produced and it's a got a great solo section as well, very inspired. A Thousand Words, A Thousand Thorns" is a pure quality song from every point of view. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow AURORA BY NOON on social media as well.


Giovanni Gagliano

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