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Angstbadan takes its listeners on a musical voyage into blues rock's psychedelic universe. The band found its sound with evident inspirations but a distinct and personal expression, with the blues as a stable grounding point and via the history of 60s and 70s rock music. "The Chase", the band's debut full-length album, was released in 2018 - an album that was strongly entrenched in the band's bluesy heritage. The record gained widespread critical praise, propelling the band on a sold-out tour of Sweden, Scandinavia, and Germany.

The highly awaited follow-up album "Love and Mercy" was released in 2021, introducing new band members to the group. Johan Svedmyr on an additional drumset, delving deeper into the band's 60s and 70s jamband influences, and Sofia Nilsson, Anna Svensson Rova, and Fredrika Johansson on backup vocals. Get the entire Angstbadan experience with its newest release - Live Session - or at a stage near you soon!

This is their new release "Live Session" containing songs from Love and Mercy and it was recorded in late 2022 capturing the live experience of Angstbadan in a unique way. A fantastic start with "Your love is hard on me", with an energetic rock blues riff and, good pace and a very inspired guitar solo. "You better look up" slows down the pace a little but I really like its mood and you will probably tap your foot listening to this one. "That's What They Say" is an old style blues ballad with a great solo section and a very good vocal performance. "Turning Away from" has a contagious mood, a very dynamic rhythm section and very catchy vocals, and the final "I gotta go" features proper "70s dialogues" between the keyboards and the guitar (who said Deep Purple?) and the usual spot-on performance by the band. I loved this one, probably my favourite on the EP.

"Live session" is definitely a quality release from every point of view: production, songwriting and performance. You can enjoy it in an audio version by clicking on the Spotify player below or the video version below, through You Also, remember to follow the band on social media.

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