Exciting new UK post-punk quartet MUCK. release gritty, anticipated debut single "North Of Hell" on OUT NOW!

MUCK. are set to release their debut single "NORTH OF HELL" on August 11th through Monomyth Records. This release provides a tangled reflection of current events, encompassing various aspects of politics, news, and media. By fusing together anger and confusion, the song communicates the concept that political uncertainty and a lack of transparency in leadership and media contribute to widespread cognitive dissonance. It connects thematically to the broader topics explored in the EP "where youth and laughter go" (Available 3rd November) which delves into the transition from adolescence to adulthood, highlighting the struggles of navigating life without a sense of control. "NORTH OF HELL" attempts to grapple with this transition by examining the influence of television idols and their flawed and artificial personas.
The song maintains a consistent heavy yet playful bass line throughout, accompanied by meandering distorted guitars that add a touch of whimsy, only intensifying when necessary during the choral segments. Structurally, the track follows a two-verse pattern, with each verse building up to a peak before settling down momentarily, mirroring the notion that despite the anger, life continues with little impact, echoing the overarching theme of lack of control.


Haling from Yorkshire, and forming in Leeds, MUCK. are a four piece band comprising of Sam (Vox), Brad (Lead Guitar),Joe (bassist) and Taylor (drums). MUCK. create an eclectic mix of  rhyme scheme-driven, hiphop-based lyricism with the emerging post punk revival sound. With beats, bars and gritty punk rock, the band aren’t afraid to experiment sonically and continue to produce vital and relevant music.

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