Mortica - Originem (2023)

Originem is the name of the first release from the American Hard Rock band, Mortica,  a Connecticut-based horror-themed rock/metal band Released on August 4th, 2023. They have songs about vampires, werewolves, the Wendigo, and even the Black Plague in their catalog.

Originem was released on the 4th of August and it features 2 previously released singles, “Vamped” and “Plagued” as well as 3 brand-new tracks. “War Cry,” “Dear Boss,” and “You Don’t Belong.”

Originem is comprised of 5 songs for about 20 minutes of music. "War Cry" features a powerful and epic chorus, very atmospheric and with great drumming. I love the solos in the second part of the song (reminding me of early Megadeth). More fast-paced is “Vamped” and I really like the mood of this one, very contagious, thanks to a superb vocal performance, great riffs and a very solid and creative rhythm section. “Dear Boss,” is melodic thrash metal, reminding me of Annihilator and their creepy atmospheres. I love the guitars on this one, Jeff Waters would approve! 

“Plagued” is very interesting and I love the tempo change between the verses and the chorus. "Black Sabbath" mood (who better than them for horror atmospheres?) for the last song “You Don’t Belong”, the longest of the EP with its 7 minutes. The song is amazingly written and performed with lots of different themes (I love the riff at 4.00!) and the usual great and inspired guitar solo.

This is a very good debut, If you combine the love for horror and heavy metal, and songs about the insane and macabre this EP may be perfect for you. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Mortica on social media. 

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