Song of the day: Garland Kelley - Mortal

Garland Kelley, an artist and music producer, creates his unique sound by combining a love of vintage rock with a decidedly current point of view.  He's a veteran of Nashville's live music industry who now wants to establish himself as an individual artist. He is on the verge of gaining a national audience with the publication of his most riveting piece to date.

Garland's music frequently covers existential concerns such as mortality, individuality, mental health, and philosophy, since he is a passionate outdoorsman and explorer.  While he clearly enjoys traditional rock, his emotive voice and progressive outlook guarantee that his sound is uniquely his.  

This is his new single, called Mortal. I love the sound of the guitar and the overall performance. The song is a simple - but full of tasty details - rock ballad, with very melodic vocals and a great chorus, very catchy, reminding me of Mr. Big. The song is quality, amazingly performed (check out the guitar solo, also!), produced and enjoyable from start to finish. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Garland Kelley on social media.


Giovanni Gagliano

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