Song of the day: Living In Gomorrah - What I've Done

Living In Gomorrah (aka LIG) is an Indie Rock 3-piece from North Carolina, United States. They have over 70 years of collective experience with each member’s music career beginning in their early teenage years. This song is one of 12 from our 2023 self-titled full-length album. They are now booking shows concentrating on the Southeast/Southern US Region and working on music videos.

This is their new single, called What I've Done. The song is very interesting, I love the production, the performance (the super intense, but melodic at the same time, vocals), the dynamic and the guitar solos. The song is pure quality from every point of view, and I love how it grows in intensity. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Living In Gomorrah on social media.

The song is also part of my personal "best of 2023" playlist, give it a follow (scroll down).


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