Alice Cooper - Road (2023)

Alice Cooper never ceases to impress me. I loved the album Paranormal (2017) and I find this one another little miracle considering Vincent is not getting any younger but the energy (and the quality) is always the same. This new album "Road" is a sort of concept album about what happens when Alice is on the road and I really (really!) enjoy listening to it. Honestly, I listen to inspired albums like this one less and less every passing year... 

The opener and the first single "I'm Alice" is not one of my favourites of the album but I can clearly hear the atmosphere of the first part of his career on this one. The following "Welcome to the Show" instead, is definitely one of my favourites, instead, fast-paced, with a super catchy chorus and I find it extremely inspired. 

As always for Alice, there are many atmospheres and moods during the full length. I love "Dead Don't Dance" (The riffs and the solo are very heavy metal!) the mood and the lyrics of "Go Away" and "Big Boots" (mmm, did you spell it right, Alice?), angry and fun, exactly how I like them. Talking about lyrics, "White Line Frankenstein" has some clever ones that reference classic horror movies and Alice Cooper's own songs. "Rules of the Road" is pure fun, "Baby please don't go" is a beautiful old-style ballad and there is also a good The Who's cover of "Magic Bus". What do you want more?

So far "Road" is the album of the year for me. Alice Cooper is like the wine, it gets better and better with age.

Rating 80/100
Top tracks Welcome to the Show, Dead Don't Dance, Go Away.

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