Jovi Skyler - Nothing to Do (2023)

Jovi Skyler is a punk-rock singer-songwriter from Sydney who also makes DIY music videos. Skyler has spent many years honing his talent as a songwriter since first picking up a guitar. After briefly attending the Conservatorium of Music before leaving, he went on to spend nearly two years across Europe as a stubborn soloist, performing solely original music unplugged at cafes, bars, and other places under numerous monikers. During this period, Jovi's constant exposure to entertainment hotspots nourished his creative zeal and desire to shed light on the mechanics of heady diversions. 

The self-titled first EP by Jovi Skyler was published during the outset of the global epidemic. Following the success of his singles "Got It Wrong," "Never Wanted," and "Evergreen" in 2022. On May 19, 2023, Jovi Skyler released his first LP "Nothing to Do," along with a new track and DIY music video "If You Think So."

The album is comprised of 10 tracks for 32 minutes of music. Very inspired riff opening the album on "If You Think So", very catchy. The following "Nervosa" and "Danger land" have a more "nervous" approach and mood, I really like the grunge guitars and the energetic vocals during the chorus. One thing I like in almost every song on the album is the dynamics and mood change, giving the chorus usually the right punch and intensity. "Got it wrong", track number 4 is a good example of that.
Slightly different mood for "Tattoos" and "Never Wanted", almost pop/country during the verses but always energetic when the song requests some power. "Rocket" almost reminds me of a famous Offspring track (Oh oh oh oh) and "Survivor", the closing track of the album, has a beautiful initial guitar riff and the usual catchy chorus. This is probably my favourite track of the album. Everything is catchy and in the right place, with a perfect arrangement. definitely a good way to close this work.

I have to compare the music style of "Nothing to Do" I would definitely say early Nirvana for spirit, dynamic and catchy but energetic choruses. A very interesting independent product, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Jovi Skyler on social media.

Jovi Skyler - Facebook Page
Jovi Skyler - Official Youtube Channel
Jovi Skyler - Bandcamp
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