New music: Off Grid - I Feel Bad

Off Grid is an Israeli rock band.

The band's core consists of a number of incredibly skilled and flexible musicians, each of whom brings a distinct viewpoint to the collective musical vision. The rhythm section, which includes drummer Nadav Dotan and bassist Netanel Landau, offers a sturdy basis that allows the ensemble to segue easily between delicate sections and thunderous crescendos. 

May Shemtov's ethereal vocals soar over the complex guitar work of Alon "Tewl" Tamir and keyboardist Itay Keren, producing a beautiful combination of force and tenderness.
To summarise, as LA on Lock music critic Kreadiv Kesh put it on his blog, "They remind me of when music was music"..." A masterpiece of Simplicity".

I love the riffs, the solos, the arrangement, the pace and the mood of the song, with catchy but robust vocals and a quality rhythm section as well. This is a very cool song, amazingly performed and produced, give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player above and remember to follow Off Grid on social media.

Giovanni Gagliano

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