Open Wire - SilverTongue (2023)

Open Wire originates from Cape Fear's streets, raging through their hard-hitting, high-voltage rock 'n' roll honed by years of full-throttle gigs and tours. They provide a slick yet gritty variant of rock 'n' roll that veers between thunderous metal thunder, laid-back grooves, and full-power gallops, sounding more like a clan of brothers than bandmates. Open Wire exists between the white spaces, lightning rapidly rushing to ground, riffing between anthemic old rock and new aesthetics. This classic Power-Four features drummer Phil Milligan's precise beatdowns, bassist Eric LeRay's crisp, aggressive pluck and slap, guitarist Dan Wuensch's nasty riffs and shredding soul, and vocalist Matt Thies' growl and howl.

Their brand new release is called SilverTongue. The band says about it:  "We approached the album with a desire to produce raw, authentic original music that tells our story, our way, outside of the trends in music today. We really want people to discover our sound, and feel like there are others out there that want to get back to the gritty basics of rock n' roll like we do."

The album is comprised of 8 songs for a total length of (almost) 30 minutes. Great riffs and super catchy chorus for the opener, one of the best tracks of the album with a break in the middle that reminds me of early Black Sabbath.. Very cool bass and guitar riffs for "Wake", pure heavy metal and with a superb solo as well (in general I find very inspired all the guitar parts of this album). Different and slower mood for "Oleander drive" and for "Devil May Care", this one led by bass guitar. I love the drum intro, the pace and the mood of "Just Dangerous", fast and with a lot of attitude. If I have to pick up just one song from this album, this one would be my choice. Another great track is "Fishing Song" with contagious riffs and great vocals. A fantastic way to close this work.

I really enjoyed listening to SilverTongue, It really suits my taste as it is very old school in terms of riffs and approach. The vocals are energetic but melodic at the same time, the rhythm section is very solid and creative and the guitars are always very technical and inspired. Quality release, give it a go and follow the band Open Wire as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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