SHORES OF NULL Show No Regrets With Video For Single “Darkness Won't Take Me” Off Latest Album “The Loss Of Beauty”

"The Loss of Beauty" is Shores Of Null’s fourth album and follows the acclaimed “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)”, unanimously considered by fans and critics as one of the Doom Metal gems of recent years. The lyrics celebrate beauty in imperfection and transience and are meant to be an invitation to seek beauty in little things, especially those unexpected and ephemeral. Today, the band presents their latest music video in support of this release, “Darkness Won't Take Me”, which vocalist Davide Straccione details:

“While I was collecting ideas for the album’s lyrics, I remember having a chat with Martina of Sanda Movies about possible topics, starting from visual ideas. Martina knows us very well, in fact, she contributed since our first album to create our visual identity through the videos she made for us. She showed me a painting by the Italian artist Verdirosi, portraying an old man, tired and hunchback, pulling a barrow with the grim reaper patiently sitting on it, and immediately connected with that vision. I imagined a man that had lived his life to the fullest, his time has come but he’s holding back death for a little longer ‘cause he’s so attached to life. He will leave this world on his own terms, and without regrets.”

Watch and listen to “Darkness Won't Take Me” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

The band goes on to share that stylistically, "The Loss of Beauty" continues along the sulcus set forth by “Quiescence” and “Black Drapes For Tomorrow”, its melancholic dark metal with a wide range of influences, from gothic metal to doom metal and melodic black/death metal, with frequent use of vocal harmonies and deep growls. The lyrics celebrate beauty in imperfection and transience and are meant to be an invitation to seek beauty in little things, especially those unexpected and ephemeral.

The album consists of 13 songs, while the LP version only contains 11, the two extra tracks are bonus tracks that can be found on the CD version as well as on the streaming platforms. Dark and heavy, tinged with feelings of despair and melancholy, “The Loss Of Beauty” was released on March 24th, 2023, and is recommended for fans of Swallow The Sun, Borknagar, and Paradise Lost.

In additional news, the band will perform at various European Festivals this coming Fall along with plans for an Italian Winter Tour to be announced at a later date (dates listed below).

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Tour Dates:09/09/2023 - Summer Metal Festival - Rieti (IT)30/09/2023 - Metal Gates - Bucharest (RO)04/11/2023 - Fall Fest - Helsinki (FI)09/12/2023 - Scumm - Pescara (IT)12/01/2024 - tba (IT)13/01/2024 - Metal Symposium - Waves of Doom Fest II - Bari (IT)01/03/2024 - Ziggy - Torino (IT)02/03/2024 - The Academy - Mantova (IT)15/03/2024 - Rework - Perugia (IT)16/03/2024 - Slaugther - Milano (IT)

Track Listing:1. Transitory - 1:202. Destination Woe - 4:523. The Last Flower - 4:594. Darkness Won't Take Me - 4:145. Nothing Left To Burn - 4:556. Old Scars - 4:237. The First Son - 2:178. A Nature In Disguise - 6:269. My Darkest Years - 4:5610. Fading As One - 5:1911. A New Death Is Born - 4:54Album Length: 48:40Bonus Tracks (CD and digital only)12. Underwater Oddity - 4:1813. Blazing Sunlight - 1:57

Shores Of Null is:Davide Straccione - VocalsGabriele Giaccari - GuitarsRaffaele Colace - GuitarsMatteo Capozucca - BassEmiliano Cantiano - Drums

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About: Shores of Null stand out from their contemporaries with their ability to blend seemingly disparate elements into their sound, overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time: blackened aggression stands alongside gothic-doom sections without either sounding out of place. Their music can be both melancholic yet majestic, made of chorale-like guitar textures across the instrument’s entire range, sustained by a powerful rhythmic section and punctuated by a refined mixture of clean and growled vocals, along with extensive use of pleasing vocal harmonies which have become the band’s trademark through the years.

The Rome-based metal band has been an unwavering presence within the metal underground since their musical outset in 2013, churning out three impressive records: the melodic and somber “Quiescence” (Candlelight, 2014), the darker and more complex “Black Drapes For Tomorrow” (Candlelight/Spinefarm, 2017), and finally their most ambitious work to date “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)” (Spikerot Records, 2020), a 38-minute long opus which continues to prove the band’s willingness to go off the beaten path while creating their ultimate doom manifesto.

The band’s fourth album "The Loss Of Beauty", recorded during the same sessions of “Beyond The Shores”, is expected to be released in March of 2023.

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