Song of the day: The Oculist - Twelve Step Sentence

Adam Dunn and aar Tozluolu (aka Philamelian), two long-time musical partners and friends, have established The Oculist. The duo's work has been an eclectic musical sandbox with elements of powerful guitars, electronics, orchestra, ambient textures, and drones, and it puts itself somewhere in the heartlands of modern metal. Aside from his axemanship, Adam expertly switches between clear vocals and harsh growls as The Oculist's voice. The project's backbone is composed of two exceptional musicians: Simon Fitzpatrick (Carl Palmer Band) on bass and James Wise on drums.

Twelve Step Sentence is the name of their new song. The band says about the song: "The Oculist drags you into deeper waters with the release of 12 Step Sentence, a foreboding exploration of the horrors of addiction. The subject matter takes a much darker tone when compared to the previous singles, 12 Step Sentence provides a narrative exploring two faces of the drug addict. On one hand the protagonist strives to convince the listener of their intention to heal and move away from the grip of their addiction. The other face shows their addiction insidiously corrupting their scruples rendering them unwilling to change and seeking to remain in the pitiful state they have chosen. The lyrics were inspired by the documentaries “Ben: Diary of a Heroin Addict” and Lanre Fehintolas “Charlie Says Don’t get High on Your Own Supply”. A cautionary tale indeed! 

I love the production and the overall performance by the band, absolute quality from every point of view (I love all the riffs and the vocals are very catchy) and with lots of contaminations. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player above and remember to follow The Oculist on social media.

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