Violet Sin Redefines Their Sonic Landscape with "A Violent Case of Despair"


Prepare for a riveting dive into the shadowy realms of music as Violet Sin, renowned for their uncanny fusion of melancholy and headbanging rhythms, unleash their latest auditory masterpiece, "A Violent Case of Despair." This time, they're amplifying the intensity, speed, and intricacy of their sound, proving that it's possible to go bigger and bolder while luxuriating in the depths of haunting melodies. With their third single, the band bids farewell to genre constraints and instead embraces an unapologetically unbridled creative process. The stage is set for a plunge into an abyss of emotion – can the world handle the impending deluge of melancholic moshing they're about to usher in?

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A Journey Through Darkness and Dynamism: From The Night is Dark (And Full of Memories) to A Violent Case of Despair

Gathering momentum in the metal scene, Violet Sin initially captivated attention with their debut single "The Night is Dark (And Full of Memories)," a triumph that resonated on a global scale within the metal music media. Marrying the evocative tones of 80s-inspired vocals, the somber beauty of Scandinavian melancholy, and a compelling dose of modern metalcore, the band's sonic tapestry stood as an undeniable force. Even as they delved into the realms of romance and melody with "Fading Love," a release from earlier this year, critics couldn't help but note a twist of humor, pondering if the sentimentality was almost "too" romantic for these purveyors of darkness. Fast-forward to now, and the band has taken a decisive turn towards the brutal, all while retaining their signature allure. Brace yourself for an exploration where brutality intertwines with brilliance, where the heartbeat of rhythm merges with the frantic pulse of shadow – a realm where Violet Sin thrives, unshackled by convention, a force of captivating creativity and enigmatic expression.

A Creative Cauldron: The Birth and Future of Violet Sin

The tale of Violet Sin finds its roots in the collaboration between masterminds Veli-Matti Kananen (Kalmah) and Jon Pyres (Lycanthro, Threads of Fate). As torchbearers of melancholic metal, the band's foundation was laid with a vision to weave diverse musical elements into their sonic tapestry. This vision was further enriched by the inclusion of Jimi Myohanen (Se, Josta Ei Puhuta / Kaera / Swansong / Sadistik Forest) and Ari Levola (RASA), each contributing their unique brilliance. Their collective synergy culminated in their pursuit of their first EP, a musical testament to their artistic evolution. Having embarked on this endeavor in late 2022, the band is poised to unveil their masterpiece in 2023 under the banner of Inverse Records. A culmination of their growth, innovation, and relentless passion, the EP promises to be a journey through the depths of their creative souls, a journey that invites listeners to venture forth and join them in their enigmatic world of sound.

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