Adrian Marksman - Ultrasigil (2022)

Ultrasigil is an album written, recorded, and produced by Adrian Marksman, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Frosinone, Italy. The full length is a mash-up of post-punk, alt-rock, and alt-metal and follows the debut EP Magarimori, released in 2021.

Comprised of 12 songs for a little more than 44 minutes of music, the journey begins with the opener "Please" fast paced and with a very interesting arrangement and ungraceful guitars, very peculiar. I also really like the bass lines on this one. More energetic and distorted is "Digital Divide and Conquer", while a little more relaxed are "Tarantula" (with an industrial touch), "A great thing" and the closing "I'd love to", more or the singer-songwriter side (but with the usual "crazy" and unusual approach by the artist). 

Among my favourite tracks of the album there are "Broken Bones" and "Queen of The Race" (very grungy and energetic) and "Out of Sight", very classy in the arrangement and almost 80s, to my ears.

Ultrasigil is a very interesting work, for sure unusual and different, with a strong personal touch (something that I always appreciate) and tons of different influences, we can hear inside every single song. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Adrian Marksman on social media as well.

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