Davide Laugelli - Out of the Nightmare (2023)

"Out of the Nightmare" is the new EP by Davide Laugelli. It was released on October 24th, six years after the last "Soundtrack of a Nightmare", and will be a logical continuation of the subject. 

The formula remains the same: totally instrumental,  two basses, fretless and fretted, played by Laugelli, drums by Filippo Maccarelli and Gabriele Quaranta (and Laugelli as well) on Keyboards. 
Timo Tolkki (Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki's Avalon), Marco Bertoni (Confusional Quartet), Michele Panepinto (Inner Vitriol, Gli Atroci), and Roberta Brini are among the other famous guests.

The first two tracks "Blind Eyes of a Burning Dogma" and "Into the Silence I Dream" are very atmospheric and almost hypnotical, with lots of tasty musical details (amazing rhythm section!) and a great way to restart the musical journey. "Message from Neptune" is nervous and very straight to the point, with a riff increasing its pace (the guitar is by Timo Tolkki!) and with some great drum fills.

"Xanax in the Moonlight" follows with some great prog rock moments and the bass playing amazing melodies. This is probably my favourite moment of the album. The short "Return to Stonehenge" is a clear reference to the previous EP and the final "Life is a Joke", starts with a super catchy bass line that reminds me of some old Frank Zappa for being eclectic, weird, and technically superb.

Out of the Nightmare is a super interesting, original and peculiar work, amazingly performed and produced. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Davide Laugelli on Facebook.

Giovanni Gagliano

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