New music: The Robians - Pay the Price

"The Robians" blend numerous genres and inspirations to create distinctive music that may be loosely characterised as rock, with origins in blues and rock. - The band was created as an acoustic-duo in 2020 in Mainz, Germany, by vocalist and guitarist Robert Brück and guitarist Marian Schumacher. To realise their full potential, they began to evolve their music from fragmented acoustic pieces to multi instrumental productions in 2021. Frederik Seibel encouraged and engineered this. - The Robians are a melting pot of western acoustic guitars, bluesy vocals, and a subtle wind of bluegrass, influenced by groups such as The Black Keys, Aerosmith, All They Witches, The Temperance Movement, Tom Petty, and many more. 

This is their new single, called "Pay the Price". The song starts very relaxed, with melodic guitar lines and vocals and it gets more energetic during the chorus and the (beautiful) solo section. In general, I really like the 90s atmosphere throughout the entire track, which is very enjoyable from start to finish and very well performed by the duo. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow "The Robians" on social media.


Giovanni Gagliano

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