Sekond Skyn - 'Letting Go' (2023)

Sekond Skyn, a band from Forked River, New Jersey, has just released their latest album, titled " Letting Go ". This album is a one-of-a-kind combination of blues rock, metal, and grunge, with gentler moments and an acoustic piece to balance things out. The album is an open, honest confession of inner demons, covering subjects like emotional trauma, time reflections, and manipulation. The lyrics are purposefully vague, designed to allow the listener to interpret and react to the message in their own manner. 

The band consists of Jesse Shar (Lead Vocals), Mark Monjoy (Guitar), Zack Miranowic (Guitar), Brian Jennings (Bass), and Tommy Spano (Drums/Backing Vocals). The group has opened for international superstars such as Hell Yeah!, Life Of Agony, Monster Magnet, Ellefson, Stone Temple Pilots, and many more.

Letting Go " is comprised of 10 songs for about 42 minutes of music. The opener " My Head " starts with a gigantic guitar riff, and the vocals transport me to the 1990s, somewhere between Down and Alice in Chains, incredibly catchy yet strong (and with amazing lyrics). Great riffs (Zakk Wylde oriented) and solo section for " In Vein " while " Small " is slower, more Doom oriented but overall very inspired. 

Runnin' " and " Down to It " are unconventional power ballads, with a very strong chorus (great vocals), fantastic solos and they are among my favourite tracks. Among the other songs I love the chorus of " I Tried ", the different mood and (again) the solos of " 25 Or 6 To 4 ", the drumming and the pace of " 40 Years Lie ", and the Unplugged-Alice in Chains mood of the closing track " Hold On ", absolute quality.

All the songs on the album are very well written, with the right sound for the genre and amazingly performed by the 5 members of the band. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Sekond Skyn on social media.

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