Sister Switchblade - Comatose

This is Perth rockers SISTER SWITCHBLADE's single ‘Comatose’. 

“Comatose has been hanging around for a while now. We thought it would be nice to give something to our fans to tie them over until our new album is finished. We have had a fantastic response to our first two albums, however, we’ve been delayed with the new one while we worked on various other projects. This is a ‘thank you for the support and patience’ and a teaser of what’s to come” said Andy Smith, vocalist/guitarist. " says the band.

I love the mood of the song - pure Hard rock - the riffs, the fantastic solo and the straightforward attitude of the band, with catchy vocals and 80s influence. The song has a fantastic production as well, absolutely perfect for the genre. Give it a go and follow SISTER SWITCHBLADE on Spotify as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

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