Song of the day: The Dionysus Effect - Everything The Darkness Eats

The Dionysus Effect, a New York-based group, was created in a basement in 2020 with a desire to write songs that evoke the raw intensity and eternal essence of rock n' roll. Members Christoph Paul (vocals, bass), Sean Quinn Hanley (guitar), and Brett Petersen (drums) combine their different musical experiences and abilities for a unique explosion of sound, driven to lead a rock rebirth and attract pop music enthusiasts back to rock. Their music is an exciting mash-up of grunge rock, darkwave indie, alt-rock, and pop that forges a lyrical expression full of ferocious stadium energy.

This is their new single, called "Everything The Darkness Eats". The band says about the song: " The new track is an ode to the award-winning novel of the same name by horror / dark fiction author and band friend Eric LaRocca. The single features chilling electric and haunting acoustic riffs that play tug of war against each other. Vocalist Christoph delivers a darkly feverish performance as he ruminates on the nature of our unspoken fears. Offering a song to celebrate fright, The Dionysus Effect crafts an occult atmosphere that pokes and prods at the demons within.

Christoph confides, "As a band, we are all huge fans of horror and really see horror and rock music as artistic siblings. With Eric’s novel, it took me back to being a kid reading and watching Clive Barker for the first time. Barker created such hellish memorable worlds with THE DAMNATION GAME and HELLRAISER and felt Eric did something the same with Henley’s Edge in EVERYTHING THE DARKNESS EATS. Eric’s book tapped something deep in me with my own trauma and battles with depression and I wanted to express that—luckily I’m a songwriter."

I love the acoustic intro and the relaxed vocals, exploding in furious drumming (great chorus!) and going back again to the acoustic part. The song is very atmospheric and with lots of different influences. Amazingly performed by the band and very enjoyable from start to finish, it could be a perfect soundtrack for a horror movie! Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow The Dionysus Effect on social media.

Giovanni Gagliano

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