Song of the day: Strÿkenine - Inside

Strykenine is a rock quintet (Alex Zackrisson, Tony Bakircioglu, Jacob Petajämaa, Henrik Remesaho and Andi Sarandopoulos) that strives for fresh and unique ways to approach rock music while striving to reach the big stages alongside its idols. They've returned to the public eye after a long absence, heavier, larger, and much more mature as musicians and as a group. They want to deviate from the conservative music and album releases and instead approach their music one song at a time, not just in the studio but also in media, now in the form of single releases, the first of which is the song Inside.

About the song, the band says: "Inside depicts an abusive lifestyle from both the victim and abusers perspective. The lyrics are based on our own experiences regarding self destructive tendencies and manipulative behaviors, but we also try to highlight the importance of taking care of each other, self awareness and growth. How you choose to end a dark chapter can be significant for the rest of your life. Alex came up with the original idea for the song, then together we have rewritten the music several times. Since the text is of the darker kind, it became natural to explore a slightly heavier and harder side of us than what we have done before. We're damn happy with how Inside has turned out, how it portrays us as a band, how the music and lyrics fit together."

I love the riffs, the sound and the mood of "Inside", very energetic, reminding me of Europe's second part of career but with a more robust production. The vocals are amazingly performed and super catchy. Check out the quality guitar solo too! Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Strykenine on social media.

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