Bush - Nowhere To Go But Everywhere. New greatest hits out today!

BUSH remain tall as rock outliers after three decades, with well over 20 million records sold, a GRAMMY® Award nomination, 1 billion streaming, and a string of #1 songs like "Glycerine" or "Machinehead." Sixteen Stone, the group's defining debut, was released in 1994. It was certified six times platinum and is still considered a pillar of modern rock. The triple-platinum follow-up, Razorblade Suitcase, debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 and featured "Swallowed," which received a GRAMMY® nomination for "Best Hard Rock Performance." The Art of Survival, the band's ninth full-length CD, was released in 2023. 

This new single is a part of the Greatest Hits album, called Nowhere To Go But Everywhere

The band is in great shape, combining a grunge atmosphere straight from the 90s but with a more approach in terms of production. The song is very catchy and the chorus is very anthemic. Both song and video are pure quality, and this is one of my among my top songs of 2023 (click for my personal playlist) 

“I ended up writing about my friends and the years we spent together… We’re all in a group chat. We’ve been friends since we were teenagers,” Gavin Rossdale says. “And when I was writing songs, we were talking a bit, and so it struck me by surprise that I ended up writing a song about us and about our time.”

The rocker says some of the song’s lyrics in particular (like the line “I was so much younger then/Thought life would never end”) are relatable for any audience, as the passing of time is a universal experience. “It’s a loss of innocence we have all felt,” he says. “We live in a world lit by red light and dependent on anti-social media. We all want to live forever.”

And though Rossdale admits that watching himself age is certainly “a drag,” he points to a paraphrased David Bowie quote that best sums up his thoughts: “‘The thing about aging is you become the person you should have been all along,’” he says. “Genius. And [that] feels true.”

"Loaded: The Greatest Hits 1994-2023" track listing:
01. Everything Zen
02. Little Things
03. Comedown
04. Glycerine
05. Machinehead
06. Swallowed
07. Greedy Fly
08. Mouth (The Stingray Mix)
09. The Chemicals Between Us
10. Letting The Cables Sleep
11. The People That We Love
12. Inflatable
13. The Only Way Out
14. The Sound of Winter
15. This Is War
16. Bullet Holes
17. Flowers On A Grave
18. The Kingdom
19. More Than Machines
20. Nowhere To Go But Everywhere
21. Come Together

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