Jersey Calling - Backseat Driver / Gods & Cowboys

Jersey Calling is a punk band from New Jersey. Power chords and catchy riffs are supported by a pounding bass and drumming, while the singer's voice has been described as a melodic gurgle.'

This is their new single, called "Gods & Cowboys". The band said about it: "This song was written about American imperialism and colonialism and how it continues to affect and infect our socio-political relationships today on both a macro and micro level". This is the first track from their new album, "Parasocial Security" and it features catchy vocals in between Green Day and Bad Religion.
Give it a go!

This is another song from their new album, "Backseat Driver", featuring their female vocalist, Victoria. "This song was written about autonomy and striving to overcome domineering people in our lives who have been authoritarian control figures", says the band. I really like the pace and the mood of this one, with catchy but very energetic vocals, a great rhythm section and super catchy riffs. Both songs are amazingly performed and produced. 

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Jersey Calling on social media.
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