LongRoad - Faith in Greater Things? (2023)

LongRoad is made up of three childhood friends from Rutherford, New Jersey, plus vocalist Ted Ames from Coventry, Vermont. This Too Shall Pass, the band's debut album, garnered exposure on more than 140 college stations nationally, including numerous university Top 10 playlists. Regional airing on commercial rock stations such as 105.5 WDHA has also been provided for the band. This Too Shall Pass support tour highlights included opening for Candlebox, Buckcherry, and Cracker. 

"Faith in Greater Things?", the band's second studio album, was recorded in The Barber Shop Studio in Hopatcong, NJ, and recorded, mixed, and mastered at Laundry Room Studio in Seattle, Washington, after a sabbatical. Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters), a multi-platinum, award-winning producer, produced, mixed, mastered, and contributed to the band's newest effort. "As with the last album, the songs remain the product of living our lives" according to vocalist Ted Ames, "...they are an honest mix of storytelling and emotion based upon our experience and observation in and of the world around us.".

"Faith in Greater Things?" is comprised of 12 tracks for almost 46 minutes of music. "New Song" begins the journey with a great guitar and a joyful vibe, reminding me of R.E.M. The song is really easy to listen to and is a great way to start the CD. The next "Breathe" is a bit more complex (excellent rhythm section), with a mesmerising arpeggio, a terrific guitar solo, and inspiring vocals. 

Folk vibes (and a harmonica) for "Inspired" and "Fade Away" and pure rock mood for "Shadows in the Starlight" and "Commotion" with superb guitar riffs. "Have to Hold" takes me to some Pearl Jam atmosphere of the late 90s and "Crash" is pure alternative rock, very fast-paced and with great bass lines, definitely one of my favourite songs of the album. One of my favourite moments, instead, is the solo section of "Live with Me", powerful and classy (less is more!). Another fantastic guitar riff (and Michael Stipe - type vocals) for the closing track "Helping Hand", a perfect closure for a very enjoyable LP.

This is a very interesting album, with a great sound, a straightforward and pure rock arrangement (like the good old times...), and amazingly performed by the band. If you are into the atmosphere and the sound of the 90s, "Faith in Greater Things?" is definitely an album for you. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow LongRoad on social media.
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