Save the Noize 2 (Official Music Video)

Save The Noize V2 has reached its second birthday! Despite being released in response to the epidemic, the song is still important today, given the world's continued struggle with conflicts and injustices. It is still spreading hope and love.

Rasmus Harnesk Wiklund (Rockflödet Podcast, Hardrock - För Fan! - Podcast, Corey Duvette, Veritas) and Jesper Lindgren (Velvet Insane, Carr Jam - 21) founded Save The Noize in late 2020. The project's goal was to help the Musicians' Union's crisis fund. Erik Modin (Wildness) wrote the song 'Save The Noize,' which was published on digital streaming platforms in April 2021, along with an accompanying music video via Sound Pollution. The song was produced by Roger Bergsten (Nevo Studios), and mastered by Thomas Plec, and the music video was directed by Gustav Kronfelt, who has directed music videos for artists such as Dregen and Electric Boys.

The song is pure old-school Hard rock and it's a lot of fun: catchy vocals, and lots of tasty guitar licks and solos. Also a great production (the song was produced by Roger Bergsten (Nevo Studios) and mastered by Thomas Plec) and all the attitude from the top players we love. The video is also very well made. 

The lineup for Save The Noize 2 included:
Dee Snider - (Twisted Sister, Solo)
Michael Starr - (Steel Panther)
Johnny Gioeli - (Hardline)
Howie Simon - (Jeff Scott Soto, Stryper)
Kee Marcello - (Ex Europe, Kee Of Hearts, Out Of This World).
Jimmy Jay - (H.E.A.T)
Eric Bazilian - (The Hooters)
Martin Thomander - (Electric Boys)
Per Soläng - (Corroded)
Chaq Mol - (Dark Funeral)
Martin Sweet- (Crashdiet)
Niklas Isfeldt - (Dream Evil)
Nalle Colt - (Vintage Trouble)
Carl Sentence - (Nazareth)
Jens Werner - (Veritas)
Corey Duvette - (Veritas, solo)
Jesper Lindgren - (Velvet Insane, Carr Jam - 21)
Alex Kron - (Bad Baron)
David Åkesson - (Qantice)

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