Song of the day: Avalon Stone - Forget You

Avalon Stone borrows from her rock background (Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries) while adding a heavier and more current flare (Pretty Reckless, Bad Omens), bursting at the seams with raw creative energy. Avalon Stone emerges, honouring her history while creating a new musical destiny, in an era where the sound of grunge still reverberates and the enchantment of alt-rock captivates hearts.

With its genuine emotion and fascinating tale of love and loss, Avalon Stone's debut song "Forget You" is attracting audiences worldwide. She had her own grief around the time of the publication, highlighting life's remarkable propensity to resemble art.

Although "Forget You" is inspired by past breakups, it has unintentionally become a soundtrack to Avalon's current life upheavals.  She says, "The headlines that say 'Forget You' is about my recent breakup couldn't be further from the truth—it was written almost a year ago."  Fans can expect a succession of tracks that showcase Avalon's evocative narrative, strong voice, and experiences that motivate her support for mental health in the lead-up to her highly anticipated album Chained.

I love the mood of the song, the riffs and the spot-on vocals performance, super catchy but punchy at the same time (the chorus will probably get stuck in your head). The song is quality from every point of view, including the production (the guitars sound fantastic!) and the arrangement, perfect for the genre. "Forget You" is a great song and a great business card for the future of Avalon Stone. Give it a go through the Spotify player below and follow the band on social media as well.


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