Stefanos Andritsios - Inner Fight (2023)

Stefanos Andritsios - Inner Fight

Stefanos Andritsios is a talented Greek musician who has just released his first EP, called "Inner Fight", a rock instrumental release consisting of 4 tracks. The artist says about the new release: "The main focus here is the melody of the guitar that tells a story and it's not only shred..". That's the first thing I've noticed listening to this work as lots of times you hear instrumental albums focusing on the technique rather than on the songs. 

The EP starts with "New Day", with a happy and 90s spirit, it could be an opening title for a TV series, very melodic, upbeat and with a lot of taste, getting more and more complex during the second part. Similar mood for the second track "Love & Hate", with a super catchy initial riff and great bass lines too. 

The title track "Inner Fight" (click for the video) is the longest song on the EP and it features lots of catchy melodies and a very inspired and creative rhythm section, very dynamic too. I love the part at 2.30, very energetic, and the solos at 3.00, absolute quality. This is probably my favourite track on the record, if I have to pick up one. "Peace on My Mind" it's a perfect closing track for this work with acoustic and relaxing melodies, also relatively short. 

"Inner Fight" is a quality EP. If you are looking for an instrumental work, full of melodies and amazingly performed, this is for you. It's also very well produced, with a perfect sound for the genre. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Stefanos Andritsios on social media.

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