The Frickashinas - Thanks for the Invite (2023)

The Frickashinas, a Denver-based band, released "Thanks for the Invite" in April of 2023. It was recorded and produced by Kyle Tilev(Counterpunch, Black and Blumh Studios, Death By Stereo) Scott Hallquist (Ten Foot Pole, DC Fallout), and Jim Wilcox (Authority Zero, Record Thieves).

The album is comprised of 12 tracks for 36 minutes of music and "I like your band better" starts the full length with a lot of energy (great drumming!) and catchy vocal melodies. Very cool song and and great performance by the band. The following "Hey do you want to watch me die again", slows down the pace a bit and it's a little more pop-oriented in the vocals, but maintaining the same quality. I love the pace of "Essentially Yes", "Scribble out", "You Seem Fine" and "You're probably right", among my favourite songs of the album, taking no prisoners and with tasty bass lines. 

Amazing guitar riffs and the choruses also on "Just One Drink and Other Lies" and "Are We Not Doing Phrasing Anymore?", very anthemic. The titles and lyrics on the album are very peculiar: "Apple vs Samsung" (I don't know I many YouTube videos I watched with that title) and "Happy Friday" (the song is hilarious) and the closing "MTVs The real world: The Frickashinas", closing the album with great riffs and vocal lines.

If you like energetic and modern punk rock, you will love "Thanks for the Invite", very enjoyable, well written and performed by the band, with lots of great songs and with a sound perfect for the genre. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow The Frickashinas on social media.

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